Values 2.0

  1. Myth & Wisdom

  2. Strategy & Tactics

  3. Ownership & Alignment

  4. Self-Improvement & Excellence

  5. Service & Partnership

Myth and Wisdom:

Myth: We believe in being ambitious, in seeing ourselves as part of a story larger than ourselves, in living purposefully, in undertaking a hero’s journey. We want you to feel that your life is significant and that your time at Invisible is significant. Although we are a company that specializes in efficiency, we don't seek to be sterile. We want to encourage storytelling and imagination and identification with the grand and the enduring. We want you to think about your life's mission and we want to be a company that stands the test of time. Myths have proven their longevity and we seek to learn from them and tap into their enduring power. Myth is the wellspring from which our conviction and energy come. Without it, you can have all the analytical horsepower in the world, but you'll be operating on a lower frequency.

Wisdom: We believe in wisdom, not just specialized knowledge. Wise people make connections across domains. Wise people know how to call on multiple intelligences and know how to hold contradictory and conflicting perspectives. Wise people know how to balance forest and trees. Wisdom means having the ability to see exceptions, find nuance, and bridge theory (vision) and practice (execution).

Strategy and Tactics

Strategy: Strategy means knowing where you want to go and what stands in the way. A person who has goals but no sense of obstacles has no strategy. A person who simply responds to challenges but has no north star has no strategy.

Tactics: If strategy is about the big picture, tactics is about the day to day, the week to week, the month to month. Great tacticians know how to pivot in real time, responding to new information and new circumstances. Think of Waze: the app doesn't tell you how you're going to get to your destination, but it knows where the traffic is and how to avoid it.

Ownership and Alignment

Ownership. Owners take responsibility. Owners care. Owners win the upside of their actions and expose themselves to the downside. Owners don’t wait to be told what to do, but are proactive leaders. When you own something you treat it better. Renters don't care for their houses in the same way that owners do because they don't have skin in the game. An ownership mentality means that you feel that your work is yours.

Alignment means that we work in tandem with others, seek collaboration, and buy-in, and seek harmonization and standardization of efforts, processes, and goals. Ownership without alignment leads to chaos, confusion, and inefficiency. Alignment without ownership leads to death by consensus.